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Of all the gifts of being a woman, the greatest is to be a mom.

Being a woman

If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders

"I don't understand why women say, 'I'm just a mom'. Remind me again which job on the planet is more important..." -Susan Hallum #mom #quote

Tips for Toddler Discipline that build trust and respect and do not cause fear or shame. (good article!)

Back and forth journals for Mom and kids.

Young children love to help, all they need is encouragement, consistency, and a loving parent or teacher to teach them how to help

I need to keep this posted where I can see it every day.

The things you say, the tone of your voice, the anger or calm of your words ... these things are noticed by your children and by others. They see and learn both the kind and the unkind things we say or do. Nothing exposes our true selves more than how we treat one another in the home

Be yourself. Do not waste time worrying. Appreciate the little things. Stand up for your friends. I will always be there. And more...

good reminder...

How to deal with your child's wild emotions! From Not Just Cute's (MUST- Read) Read Along Series!

Life-Changing (Parenting) Tip Of The Day: Keep Your Kids From Playing With Scissors

How to clean window tracks with little to no scrubbing. I need to do this so bad!

Well said.

Ooh, I like this so much

Tot Preschool - Use for "Apple Pickers" Game *gross motor skills, counting, teamwork*

Teaching your kids about "tricky people" instead of strangers. How to protect them from abuse.

Mums make lists ...: Food That Helps You Sleep