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paint chip scavenger hunt for thats a cool idea!!

HOW TO KEEP YOUR FOOD DRY IN A COOLER WHILE CAMPING… Genius !!! Place ice and cans at the bottom of the cooler. Place cooling racks on top of the cans. Now you have a nice dry shelf to place food on.

Camping tip- Keep your cooler cold: fill a gallon milk jug with water and 1/4 c salt. Freeze. Pack into your cooler and it acts as an ice block that won't melt all over your food!

Keep garbage can from moving around in the camper, two eye hooks and a bungee cord

Life With 4 Boys: 10 Camping Games for Outdoor Fun! No camping actually required

10 Great Kid Approved Camping Games.

Campfire strawberries. Dip in marshmallow fluff and roast. OH MY.. then you should dip in chocolate