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Strive for Progress. Not Perfection.

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Your Monday Motivation to Build Up a Serious Sweat: If you put in the time at the gym, then your body and mind are going to reap the benefits! Remember this quote the next time you're tempted to skip a workout.

Your Weekend Motivation to Build Up a Serious Sweat

Day 11: Something i didn't realize before - The small improvements lead to bigger ones. I can't see improvement in myself until i can do something 100% correct.. but it's the small improvements that lead to better ones, bigger ones, one that make you better!

Fitness Motivational Quotes | 38 Fitness Motivational Quotes To Make Your Life Healthy

38 Fitness Motivational Quotes To Make Your Life Healthy

#FridayFitspiration: Keep at it. It's not what you do some of the time, it's what you do MOST of the time that counts. Never give up, and you'll never fail. |

The Best Fitness Motivation Quotes

Running Motivation - Your body can stand almost anything. It's your mind that you have to convince.

This is a product that anyone can use ? Well here it's is, IT WORKS is an amazing wrap that can help you lose inches in less then an hour ! Sign up today to be a distributer or just buy a product ! Fitness Motivational Quote - but oh so true for everything else in life - especially MUSIC!

Fitness Motivational Quotes | HASfit BEST Workout Motivation, Fitness Quotes, Exercise Motivation ...

Fitness Motivational Quotes | Endorphins - Motivational quotes - Pictures - Women's Health & Fitness

Fitness Motivation | Quotes | Sexy Body | Fitspiration | Fit

Fitness Motivation

11 Powerful Quotes For Your Motivational Board | Skinny Mom | Tips for Moms | Fitness | Food | Fashion | Family

If you don't want it bad enough...

Alison Sweeney's Couch Workout - Got 24 minutes during your fave sitcom? Then sculpt sexy muscles at home.

Put one dollar in the jar everytime you work out. When you reach a goal, treat yourself with a new outfit! Great idea!!