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MyPlate on My Budget

Our Goal: feed our families quality wholesome food, follow the USDA MyPlate recommendations, but spend only the USDA's "Thrifty" food budget. Is is possible? Let's find out!

Almond butter forms a bread that's perfect with coffee.

  • Michelle Kittle

    Almond butter bread,1/2 cup almond butter,2 eggs,2 T honey,1 t vanilla,1/4 t sea salt 1/4 t baking soda,1 T cinnamon, 325 degrees. Mix all ingredients together by hand. Put in a greased 8-by-8-inch baking pan. Bake 2 minutes. The bread is done when the top looks dry and a toothpick comes out clean, or nearly clean. Store tightly covered, it keeps for several days.

Shopping with Kids Drives Me Crazy Not about budgets, just about complaining!

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  • Kate Michaud

    Will they eat any type of hot cereal? one of my daughters will eat oatmeal, but not malt o' meal. The other one will eat all hot cereal.

  • Jennifer Bardsley

    Pretty much no. :)

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  • Kate Michaud

    Love cora's so much! We moved from the Toronto area a year and a half ago, we now live in Maine. Cora's has the best breakfast hands down. They will also make 100% fruit/veg request smoothies.

MyPlate on My Budget, Soy and Gluten

  • Kate Michaud

    Have you ever read the blog "marks daily apple?" its a primal way of eating, which means there are a ton of creative ideas for meals that are gluten/soy free. Plus he has some pretty awesome things to say.

  • Jennifer Bardsley

    I'll check it out!

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  • Kate Michaud

    I read your blog often, mainly for well trained mind things. I am now closely following your "My Plate" experiment. I feel for you on this fish issue, of my two girls, one (the almost 3) will eat shell fish and some fish. The 6 year old refuses all of it. It is enough to drive me batty, so we enforce the try a bite rule. It can be dipped in anything she pleases but must be tried. Then she can eat the rest of the meal plus I always cook seafood the day after a meal I know I will have meat leftovers from so that she can have a serving of that leftover meat. Then I am not making a second separate meal for her.

  • Jennifer Bardsley

    Thanks for the thoughts! We usually do the three bite rule, but that doesn't seem to work out so well for fish. ;)

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