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Take a sticky roll lint remover, add some raised craft foam shapes and you have a great new way to stamp out some art! You can peel off the outer layers and make a different one - Endless possibilities!

schaeresteipapier: 3x3 Sterne - mit Stempeln

Penny vase. I like this idea, but maybe with something else? Bottle caps or quarters??? I'd rather have silver than copper. I'll have to ponder. . .

Just like the other sharpie mug projects but this one you put stickers down first, dot all over, then peel off the stickers before putting the mug in the oven!

DIY Floor Mats. No sewing involved. A must do for front door rug and hallway runner!!!! Why haven't I thought of this??? (for underneath baby's high chair?)

super cute, and easy to make!!

Easy Scrap Fabric Bracelet DIY

So easy to DIY with faux hydrangeas from Hobby Lobby

Kindergarten literacy center- books in baskets :) kids would love this!

DIY pillows that look like they are straight out of the anthro catalogue.

Never buy another craft cone again!! Cyndy created a template for 5 sizes of craft cones that are used to make sturdy cones out of rolled poster board. These cones are just as durable as the paper mache (because they are rolled twice). The Creativity Exchange

DIY spring wreath

DIY:: Dollar Store Craft..Glue glass jar onto a candlestick, you can fill them with small gourds, leaves, candy ..anything!