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Some workouts that should take you about 3 or 4 minutes, so put on a song with a good beat and burn some calories while enjoying some music!

Tight Hips, Hip Stretches, Yoga Hip Openers, Tight Hip Flexors, Yoga Moves, Hip Opening Yoga, Yoga Poses, Hip Open Yoga, Bigger Hip Workout

The Best Yoga Hip Openers

5 Exercises to Do With Baby.. @Tifinie Critch Critch Welling.. you can borrow my baby!

This would have been good to know. These recommended pregnancy exercises will help you prevent excess weight gain, will increase your energy level, will keep your arms and legs from getting "bigger" and will help you feel good about yourself during your pregnancy...future reference

so doing this...

Posture improving stretches.-need to do these! It is amazing what posture can do!!

I'd like to strengthen my chest alright -_- without resistance bands! workout | chest | exercise | fitness

Another pinner said: "After I had a baby and my husband was deployed - I obviously had ZERO time to go to the gym. I lost 65 pounds by the time he came home - THIS was my arm workout every day. And ooooooh boy did it work. 10 sets of 10 every day & each of my arms has lost 7 inches since giving birth. Proof you don't need a lot of time or money or equipment to change the way you look."

Hahaha I need to read this every day

10 Must-Do Back Exercises

100 running songs!

Thx Dr. Oz: Peanut Butter & Chocolate;This tasty duo will satisfy even the most voracious sweet tooth. Melt a bar of dark chocolate and mix it into a jar of organic peanut butter. Leave it in the fridge so that it cools and the flavors blend. When a sugar craving strikes, have a spoon. One spoonful has 4.5 grams of sugar. Compare this to your average brownie with a whopping 30 grams of sugar, & you’re well on your way to shaking your sugar habit in healthy ways you never thought possible!

Dancer's Body — drop up to 3 1/2 pounds a week! 25-day Ballet Boot Camp Challenge. This looks awesome and just different enough that it woudn't be boring.

My new years resolution two years in a row!

"Peel Off the Pounds" 30 minute treadmill workout from Self magazine- for the winter months

This bracelet syncs to your iphone or android. It keeps track of your movements, sleep pattern, calories burned, and even vibrates if you have been sitting still for too long! A perfect way to keep track of your healthy lifestyle!

6 easy exercises to slim you inner thighs

Basic Stretches For Tight Hips.. I need this

Barre Workouts For Your Arms, Legs, and Butt using a kitchen counter?!? so EASY!

Stretches for tight hips (hip flexers, t-band, sciatica)

Monday morning ♥