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Jenna Koeble

Jenna Koeble

Social Media & PR girl. UW-Madison alum. Lover of fashion & red velvet cake :)

13 beautiful engagement rings

  • Elena Rous-Eyre

    First thing i noiced was that they were standing on a taxi. Seriuously you think her figure is out of the ordinary look at what she is doing! Think I agree with you Catherine

  • Hannah Taylor

    I just have one question. Is this Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone?

  • Jenn Shawley

    this poor girl just wanted to pin an adorable pic..which (if anything) sends a message of love. and just for tbe record since everyone else has something to say, not all skinny girls like being skinny. i just had a baby 6 months ago. a month later i was in a size 0. no im not kidding. i eat whatever i want whenever i want and try desperately to gain weight but i STILL look like a corpse. i f'n hate that i'm 5'4 & only weigh literally like 90lbs! i had to put a bikini on a week ago becuz i had taken my 2 year old to an amusement park that has a swimming pool and water slides, etc...when i put it on i cried. it was devastating and very uncomfortable for me. so no. seeing pics like this does not make me want to be as thin as i am. and if thats a you see when you look at this pic then you're just digging for reasons to complain. that has nothing to do with the girl in the pic or anyone who might "pin" it. that has everything to do w/ your own insecurities. sorry...but well it really does. skinny, fat, average, athletic, curvy, toothpick, short, tall, little, big, white, black, purple, polka dotted and/or striped...we are all human. we are all beatiful. we all deserve to know and have love. period.

  • Jenn Shawley

    and @Stephanie i know right!? i have complete strangers walk up to me all of the time and say shit like that! its like REALLY??? do you really think telling a petson they are too skinny is any less hurtful than telling someone they are too fat? how can that make sense in anyones head? a negative comment is a negative comment. me being skinny doesn't change that. it just makes me feel very inadequate and uncomfortable in my own skin. we only get to live once. no one should ever have to spend one precious second feeling that way! why is it SO hard for us to be accepting of each other? what is it about other people's looks that fills us with such hate? come on guys! this is exactly whats wrong w/ the world. don't concern yourself with how other people dress, eat, breathe, shit, live, blink or look. worry about yourself. your negative criticism is useless! so why make it a point to ril on someone else? make yourself feel better? at someone else's expensive? that very skinny (or very fat) girl isn't the sick one. clearly you are! k. rant over! love yourselves and each other more! please!!

  • Jenn Shawley

    @Stephanie Close close...idk who you are or why your name ended up in my comment above. it was meant for the stephanie in this thread. my apologies. :/

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