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It's Fun To Be A Kid :)

Kiddo Teepee

Teepee — Bodie and Fou - Award-winning inspiring concept store

DIY good morning chart // use photos to teach your kids that they are in command of their own day

{Free! Go Togethers! A great pre-reading activity and a wonderful problem solving and matching activity, students do language development work while having fun with these cards. 26 pairs}

{Match the picture to the sentence. Fluency, sight-words, and comprehension!}

{Free! Monster Speech: Apraxia Packet for Early Sound Sequencing}

{Target syllable reduction with this cute two-syllable tractor pull. Includes 18 spondee words and 18 regular two-syllable words}

Preschool in a Box: ABC Box--Made from a christmas advent calendar...filled it with objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Made it for less than 15 dollars in 1 hour- turned out great! Can't wait to use it!