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How I get my kids to clean their room: 8 simple battle strategies. One mom's battle to get her kids to keep their room clean, and the 8 strategies that have worked for her.

10 Compliments Kids Need to Hear.

Why Do You Have To Tell Them Five Times? (Love & Logic style techniques) Excellent suggestions and explanations for teaching self-control instead of obedience and why nagging doesn't work

The Top 10 Things Kids Want Their Parents to Do with Them (based on research and easier than you think), plus how to have a Hands Free summer-this is a GREAT REMINDER!

7 ways to make the most of your time while they are little. This is truly an amazing read for mama's! I just read this and want to do each and every one of them!!

Best group date (or family night) EVER! Free invite included. www.TheDatingDiva... #datenight #dateideas #datingdivas

A simple bedtime trick that will have you enjoying adult time and the kids enjoying a good night sleep!

21 Creative Consequences For Kids.. thought these were great... this site has tons of ideas to help you with whatever age child and challeges you may be dealing with!!!

This board is all about being a hands on Mom, putting children first, inspiring creativity, encouraging imagination and having fun with motherhood.

Great blog post on natural consequences for kids undesirable actions... These are REALLY good.

7 things not to say to your toddler and suggestions on what to say instead... I wish everyone who deals with a child at anytime would read this! When you tell a child "no", "stop that", "don't do that" all day... I would tune you out too!!!

Better ways to cope with naughty/irritating behaviors without belittling your kids.

8 Birthday Traditions to start. So sweet and makes birthdays so special!