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"Nothing in life is free." wants to pay you in "experience"

BOOM. How true is this?

I love the person I've become, because I fought to become her.

Beautiful holiday drink. Just chilled ginger ale, thawed white grape juice (from frozen), and raspberries. Non alcoholic. Would be excellent with vodka added.

Atheist parents comfort children about death without talk of God or heaven - The Washington Post

This is the most eloquently expressed critique of religion I know.

Twitter / StillCrazy808: A shorter @CoryBooker paraphrase: ...


11 Filmmakers Who Expertly Answered The Question "Why Do You Write Strong Female Characters?" In a perfect world this list would be longer.

Rape Culture is a culture in which a male character continuing to pursue a female character despite being turned down is depicted as romantic. [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of how rape is often depicted on prime time television]

Carolyn Porco. Tell children the truth. Let them understand what will really happen instead of confusing them with lies and wishful thinking.

Anne Hathaway shows what it means to be human.

My biggest influences are strong, creative women that chart their own path, lead their own lives, and drive the course of history. -Rachel Ray