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The Eclectic Stitch

The Eclectic Stitch

Crafter who likes sweets, ribena, crochet, knitting, photography & snowboarding. Check out my blog and website!

Light-hearted comic but the message is true. Never think anyone thinks less of you while you're busting your butt. You are your own worst critic. Keep up the awesome work!

Idiots cause stress ...haha I wasn't sure whether to post this on the Humor board, or the Wisdom and Truth board. LOL!

The ability of yours to turn these small character drawings to readable words and data in your brain is all thanks to your Occipital Lobe.

"Ello" "Did you say hello?" "No, I said Ello but that's close enough."

doesn't matter how fast you run. a mile is a mile.

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Sometimes I forget how to spell a word so I change the whole sentence to avoid using it

I WANT this shirt!

FREE Butterfly, Flower, Ladybird and Bonnet Edging Crochet Chart Pattern / Tutorial