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Jennie Carroll Little
Jennie Carroll Little
Jennie Carroll Little

Jennie Carroll Little

i am a wife, mother and friend. i pray i will always live my life with purpose...

Many of you have been following the story of Susan Cox Powell. She went missing 2 years ago, from a town not far from where I live in Utah. This last Sunday their father ( who has been a person of interest in their mother's disappearance ) took thier lives, and his own. My heart breaks for their family and friends. You are in my prayers. There's not much I can do for them... but remember them in my own way. Please repin this as a favor to me... Charlie and Brayden, give your momma a hug from me. xox

  • Robin Kemp

    Nikole, you inspire me to be more thoughtful, kind, and caring!!!! You are such a GOOD person!!!!!

  • Melonheadz Illustrating

    Awww.... I love you too Rob! xox

  • ~Shari R

    You've done a sweet thing Nikki. My daughter played with the Cox children and I visit taught the-now-grandmother. Bless all their hearts.

Tons of recipes from a Weight Watchers advocate in her 20's! Can't wait to try her recipes... Points included!!

Hahahaha! Yes!

I am so gonna make a card like this sometime...bahaha

Joy to the world? Bahaha!!! Besides how hilarious this is, I like the idea. :)

Such a beautiful photo of Julia Roberts

Bread and Jam For Frances! My fave as a little girl!