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Good thoughts...

Your crazy is showing...

Use the fine china, the cloth napkins and good silver!

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hahahah i know dang it.

Yes. Always a favorite. :: 'The Cure for Anything' Print

I still sometimes think of that girl in college, shopping with friends, hanging out, and even just being alone now and again and wonder wow ... I still identify with that same girl for most things, I just wonder how the hell I got so old. Thankfully I have weeded out some of the not so good crap that girl did, and still kept the good parts that drove her.

Everyone needs that person. :D, .xoxo jenn gall away @Jamie Wise Wise Wise Wise Crain

Never that

Hahaha!!!! So close to being true....

When I hear husbands complain about their wives spending money, I just think 'you're paying for a maid, a lover, and a therapist'. It's actually a bargain.

Truth!!! T-shirt, jeans and tennies should die after age 16 lol!! And sure don't wear them to church, interviews or anything of the like!