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Students learn what allusions are AND two strategies for interpreting unknown allusions: CONTEXT and RESEARCH. The class is shown plenty of exa...

It's an ALLUSION (Literary, Biblical and Mythological Allusions)

▶ Figurative Language in movies and commercials - YouTube

Esl Idioms Printable Quiz Erica L Koehring Free Christmas Activities

Use to model a good poetry response for middle school.

Check out this great resource from Scholastic for teaching poetry 10 minutes a day!

12 Best Poetry Websites for Kids - interactive apps, forms & fun

I love this activity! My former students have created some beautiful poetry with this style.

walk-with-nature by Diane Cordell via Slideshare

Poetry Picnic and other great ideas for teaching poetry

Common Core Standard RL.5 (Characteristics of Genres) Anchor Chart Ideas

10 Poetry Month Resources for Busy Teachers from UsingMyTeacherVoice

This unit clearly explains Couplets, Haikus, Acrostics, Quatrains, and Cinquains. After learning how to recognize and identify each form, student will be given fun tasks to practice writing each type. It also teaches the poetic techniques of hyperbole, simile, and alliteration. These techniques are explained as toppings that can be added to the forms that they have already learned. The unit culminates in students creating poetry books of their work.

I've used this song with my students. It has over 30 similes. I did three activities with it. Allowed them to first just listen to it with the lyrics showing on YouTube. Next, I told them to write as many as they could in their journals while listening to the song. Next, I allowed the kids to pick one of the similes in the song and do an illustration (with help from art teacher).