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Seriously, could anything be worse than this.

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DO NOT FUCKING DO THIS. It is super unsafe. STOP.

Baby's first Christmas

STOP IT NOW. John Deere tractor, newborn, baby boy, photography, Cindy Thompson Photography

The fuck is this? This purse lights up when you open it to see inside and to show a personal message on the outside. "Switch Craft: Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew".

Bedazzle Your Bra! Because they're not already uncomfortable enough.

Um. Really? No.

  • Larissa Colleen

    I shit you not, someone at the city's Halloween carnival had their 8 year old dressed like this. With a shopping cart full of trash.

Lady gaga nails. Also known as 'you can never give a hand job again' nails.

"The benefits don't kick in until years later"?! You're doing it wrong. :-/

Parenting | I Love Funny Pics

The braids are getting out of hand, you guys.

Ladder Braid | Babes In Hairland


I am all for inappropriate humor and I love memes like this, but this one...yeah. This one just leaves me cold. Not impressed.

I just..........what?