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Veggies to grow in the shade - lots of options including broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, and more!

Vegetables You Can Grow In The Shade - Empress of Dirt

A lot of detailed info on growing fruit & planning a home-orchard.... from the book, The Backyard Homestead.

Pest control Anise will disguise the scent of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower & cilantro and keeps away the aphids. Basil improves the growth and flavor of tomatoes. Chamomile is a tonic for anything in the garden. Geranium protects corn, tomatoes, pepper and cabbage with its strong scent, by repelling bad bugs. Tuck a few sunflowers among your corn for better yield. Nasturtiums deter aphids. Lemon balm deters many bugs as do marigolds.

Gardening 101: Companion Planting

2 c vinegar, 1T liquid soap, 1Tsalt....will kill anything! DO NOT USE ROUNDUP.

Tomato plants like deep watering. Why waste water when you can make a simple reservoir delivery system. Neat idea. The photo says it all.

cover crops, their uses and benefits, categorized by season. by cornell extension.

Basil Basics: Prune basil regularly for best flavor. About every four weeks, prune basil back to just above the bottom two sets of leaves. If allowed to flower, it will lose flavor. From Fine Gardening.

Cucamelons: they're grape-sized watermelons that taste like cucumbers with a tinge of lime. And they're totally easy to grow!