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Kate Spade inspired diy dorm decoration ✨

There are files taking up storage on your phone that you don't even know exist. Make sure you're conserving storage by eliminating them from your device.

Instant Sunburn Relief Cure- how to fix a painful sunburn and turn it into a painless tan with this tried and true trick. Brew 5-6 bags of earl grey tea and soak a towel in it. Apply towel to sunburn for at least 30 minutes. Pinning this one for the hubby.

How cute is this!!!!!

cause this works every time

The BEST Act prep site out there. There is even a section for the best way to cram... Sounds like my kind of site.

I don't want a bigger but as much as I want have a tight but after having a baby...but still a must try for me

  • Kala Garibay

    Yes please!

  • Solange Steadman

    do you do all 4 levels in 1 day or after one week of doing one level per day move on to the next level the next week?

  • Melissa Silva

    I think you'd do 1 level a day. It's a 4 weeks program I'm pretty sure!

  • Kala Garibay

    So it's one level each week. Level 1 day 1 level 1 day 2 etc. Then week 2 is level 2 day 1, so on so forth. :)

  • Marina Brown

    more of these =)

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Stairwell photo. I love this!