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Ireland - Dublin - the Brazen Head is the oldest pub. Facts of Ireland: Area: 70,285 sq km. Comprises 80% of the island of Ireland. Northern Ireland is a constituent part of the United Kingdom. Population: 4,589,002. Capital: Dublin. Official language: Irish, English. Irish spoken as a first language by less than 4% of the population; 40% of the Irish population can speak Irish. Languages: 5.

Classiebawn Castle, Mullaghmore, Sligo, Ireland

The Royal Chateau Amboise, Liore France

The Silfra Day Tour is Icelands' most popular dive tour where you will be diving in the famous Silfra fissure right between the American and the European continents. The Silfra fissure contains some of the clearest water on this planet

Swiss Journey Seelisberg, Uri, Switzerland (by mirosu)

Western Isles, Scotland. The Old Man of Storr on the beautiful Isle Of Skye.

Staffin, Scotland The Quiraing - Shaped and carved by the elements, the strange rock formations and breathtaking views from this towering ridge give the landscape here a truly mystical quality.