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Gardening is a total leap of faith for me ... despite all evidence to the contrary I am planting, tending, watching waiting ... always a teensy bit thrilled the plants have made it through another day.

Flowers, Tomatoes, & Cucumbers (A first time gardener)

Low light loving houseplants -- perfect for a small apartment with little natural light!

GARLIC: Did you know it grows well in pots? This is the growth 9 days after planting. Intensively 'food farming' in containers saves time, space & $$. You can also move containers around to repel pests in your garden. Free 5 STEP TUTORIAL on how to grow organic garlic @ themicrogardener.... | The Micro Gardener

Watering can garden art tutorial - great beginner project #repurpose #wateringcan #spon #gardenart #diyproject

Watering Can Garden Art Tutorial | eBay

Propogating shrubs from cuttings. Last page has a list of shrubs you can grow from cuttings (lilacs, hydrangeas, etc). From Fine Gardening.

Propagate Your Shrubs from Softwood Cuttings | Fine Gardening

How to Build a Stone Fire Ring

How to Build a Stone Fire Ring | BestCrafts

Lockwood Lavender Farm: How to Propagate Lavender

Lockwood Lavender Farm: How to Propagate Lavender

Hometalk :: Plants for Free - How to Propagate Lavender

Hometalk :: Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

Chive companion planting. "Adding chive to your garden where you grow parsley, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, kohlrabi, mustard, peppers, potatoes, rhubarb, roses, squash, strawberries or tomatoes will help those plants. Companion planting chive with carrots will improve both the growth and flavor of your carrots. Grapes benefit from chive’s ability to repel aphids."

Chive Companion Planting

Ethylene gas produced by apples will stop potatoes from sprouting | The Homestead Survival

Plant lemon seeds from your lemons! Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house.

Ends for the pergola

Swoon Worthy: Cheap and Easy DIY: Ideas for A Pretty Garden on a Budget

fairy door-cute...don't even have to have a whole house. just the door and some additions