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27 Awesome Straight-Talk Quotes About Teaching

Toothpaste Squirt Lesson for teaching kids not to be rude and put down others....OMG I did this on the first day of school and it really stuck with the kids

Corkboard Connections: Teaching Children Not to Be Rude!

Wacky Books Wacky Books Will Hook Reluctant Readers

Wacky Books Will Hook Reluctant Readers

Growth Mindset

Fieldcrest Elementary School: Growth Mindset - Talk It

did this last year for ice breakers...can be adjusted according to level of class

She's crafty: Get to know you games

Whole class management tool- when the class works together, they get a piece to a puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, they earn a reward!

Classroom Management on Pinterest - Laniers Lions

Each time a student BLURTS out loud without raising hand they have to take one down. Last person to have all 3 gets rewarded!--I've seen this implemented in a first grade classroom with a lot of success!

A 2nd Grade Adventure: Couple of Ideas to Share

. - Blog

Have a student sit on chair in front of white board and have others write a positive phrase about them, then take a picture. Don't let them see it...till they get the photo! Such a great end of the year activity or for those days when students are using unkind words about one another. If I become a Teacher, this is sooo happening!

Quiet Critters want to sit on your desk, see what you're doing, and get smarter. (Could remove them from the chatty students; those who still have their "critter" at the end of the "quiet" time could turn it in for a small reward.)

Life is Better Messy Anyway: Reading Graffiti

Great chart to fill out with students on the first day of school!

Love this brainstorming idea for the start of the school year!

Use the bracelets for assigning students into teams and groups for class projects, or put the bracelets in a paper bag and have students close their eyes and pick one.

Interesting... Choose a desired behavior and write it on the board. Select a stick, but don't reveal the name to the class. Throughout the lesson, periodically monitor the named student for the desired behavior. If he achieves the goal behavior, reveal his identity and reward him with a special classroom incentive. If the named student doesn't demonstrate the behavior, do not name the student, tell the class that there was not a winner this time. Choose another mystery student and repeat the ...

New Student Bags - Make some up at the beginning of the year and then as new students come in during the year you'll have everything they need in one packet.

Dear Student Sign Expectations and Classroom Decor

Vinyl cutouts on tables can be written on with dry erase markers. | 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

She did this in 4th grade- the kids loved it! Works best when the teacher wears a really tricky one! Try this with addition facts... love this Multiplication Practice. Everyone wears "multiplication name tags" throughout the day. You always call each other by their "name". This is Mr. 32.--I LOVE this! Could do it all week to get gobs of practice in. GREAT IDEA!

Use the Remind101 app to communicate with kids and their parents without having to exchange numbers. | 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Brain Breaks can be just what you need to help wake up the brain and body! {Free Printable with 30 ideas to get blood pumping and improve focus!} fun little breaks that get pulled out at random times to wake up lethargic brains and bodies!

Clever and cute!

good friend/bad friend chart for kids