May be taking this on vacation this September :)

Cool ways to repurpose frames...

The newspaper from the day baby is born #photography

It doesn’t matter if the snow is false, the aim is to keep the Christmas spirit in the pictures turned up high

10 posing tips for group photos

Very first day and very last day of school... "Must remember this!!"

Cool to do for our kids. 1st side in kindergarten and 2nd side when they graduate highschool.

very first day and very last day of school. Must remember this!!

This is so sweet- the bride and groom photographed holding pictures of their parents on their wedding days

Family photos do not have to always be posed or stressful. Here are 18 Creative Family Picture Poses. Have fun! #ModerationNation

take a pictures of the rings on a newspaper the day of the wedding :)

Forced Perspective... Must try next time I am at the Beach.

"Tying the knot" - Such a cute idea for a picture!

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