It looks like stained glass light on the skin. So simple and beautiful.

autism mom's just got this tattoo done in dedication to her autism angel.

Fairy Tales ♥

Liking this Tattoo! With kids names instead of quote

that's a tattoo idea! - Tattoo Ideas Central

autism tattoo puzzle pieces and flowers to represent my two children

The perfect autism tattoo

LOVE the combination of Wicked and ASD... It's totally true too, I have been changed for good because of Ethan :-)

this just changed a bit. 1 puzzle piece with my sons initial

Idea for Autism tattoo--with "Sara Ann" and color!!!!

Autism awareness tattoo :) I want something like this around my ankle

Autism awareness tattoo I'm getting for my brother ♥

love this tattoo for Autism

I love my tattoo so much!! Autism awareness!!

My autism tattoo for my two boys. My design.

Autism tattoo

I've finally decided what i want my first tattoo to be. Maybe not exactly this, but something with the puzzle pieces. :)

My mom and sister and I got these matching mother daughter tattoos on mothers day. The tattoo is a mother holding a daughter and the puzzle piece is for our little brother with Autism.

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