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every lizzie mcquire episode in one place? i think yes! BEST PIN EVER.


Unbelievable....Austria's Green Lake in the Hochschwab Mountains is a hiking trail in the winter. The snow melts in early summer and creates a completely clear lake. The lake has a grassy bottom, complete with underwater trails, park benches, and bridges. So cool!

Irena Sendler

  • Amy Bunker

    Why is it that our children today learn nothing of these amazing people in history in school these days? What do they really learn in World History today?

  • Kristen

    Thankful my children learned about her in Christian school. Her selflessness is a testimony to what it means to help others. There are lots of other "unknowns" that deserved to be remembered as well. Thanks for the pin. :)

  • Hope Bishop

    Love this! My 8th graders were just learning about her.

  • Amy Bunker

    I spend a lot of time with my children teaching them about the "unknowns" so they will continue to educate and someday teach their children.-As it seems to have been lost in many of our schools today. I tell my children if ever they have a chance to sit and talk with someone who lived through WW2 or the depression-sit,listen and really hear their story THEY are truly amazing people and deserve our respect.

  • Baylin

    Wow that is an amazing story. We aren't learning about her at all , I'm so surprised! But I'm super excited that I found this pin

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Interesting facts

  • Kristina Clark

    Don't believe everything you read on Pinterest…

  • Harsh Joshi

    I agree some of these facts might not be true. But still they're fun to read.

Mind blowing coincidences

  • Brittany Uhl

    Did anyone catch the typo?

  • Erin Harvey

    Lyndon Johnson succeeded Kennedy, not Andrew Johnson

  • Melissa Todd

    Just FYI: Booth was born in 1838. Neither man was well-known by their "full" name (all three). Booth did not flee to a warehouse. Marilyn Monroe had been dead for well over a year before Kennedy was shot.

  • Paula Walla

    Yeah, a lot of this is inaccurate =\

  • Allie Weaver

    Love that people are increasingly aware of how inaccurate this is! Fact checking FTW ;)

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If you consider yourself a HP fan at all, this video is beyond words...

Jennifer Lawrence... I bet her publicist has a drinking problem by now, but she is freaking awesome!

  • Jess Slattery

    It's funny that you said that her publicist must have a drinking problem. Cause Jennifer plays Katniss whose publicist is Haymitch who has a drinking problem....

This makes me feel really cool!

This made me laugh so hard!