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"Words are, in my not so humble opinion, the most inexhaustible source of magic; capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it."

Laughing about everything...

Laughing without reasons…

Hidden stairs are cool until...

You Will Never Be This Creeped Out By Anything In Your House
  • Leslie Smith

    Julz, click on the picture to follow the link. It tells/shows you the rest of the story. :-)

  • Xi-ani Bartolomé

    I am DEFINITELY not going to sleep well tonight.

  • Chilli Chumma

    Damn, I am glad that all my walls are brick!

  • Roxy Moxy

    This was actually found to be a fake. The owner placed the things there to look creepy but it was just a hidden storage area.

  • Ali Huggard

    Still creepy....

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I laughed so hard.

'Murica -

And You Refuse To Undress, It’s a Matter Of Pride

Seriously though.

Harry Potter is a culture. You can't grow out of that.

This is completely accurate.

Funny Animal Pictures - 60 Pics

Rescue dog

The heartwarming story of Bran the dog's life. - Funny Stuff

lush cosmetics debuts new vegan makeup that fights animal testing!

This picture speaks loudly to me. An innocent, defenseless animal being confined against his will. Animals are meant to be free. Just like you and me!

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"What horrors no one can imagine. Meanness, indifference, selfish brutality for human greed." Photo fur farm - they wait in their cramped filthy cages - wait to be skinned for some selfish humans fashion statement - a statement only of cruelty ~

Companies that DO animal testing! 44thstreetfabric....