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From a 1945 story on "good grooming," the caption to this picture asserted that a "rosebud mouth is especially bad on round faces."

  • Ellomennopee

    Oh bummer, sorry to all those gals with rosebud mouths and round faces

1930's look

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blonde hair

Get the Look! 1940s Women's Hair

Dr. William's Pink Pills, Medical Medicine, UK (1890) Yes, I would like to be pinker.

Vintage Medicine Ads of the 1890s

vintage bullet bra

Beauty Q&A: Bullet Bras, Rancid Perfume, and Mascary

Cutex Pearl Nail Polish (1960)

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Cutex " Hues" Nail Polish (1960)

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Peggy Sage Beauty Finger Nail Polish Alexander (1952)

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French Perfume Language

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Westmore Cosmetic’s Various – Bewitching New Lipstick in Golden Settings (1950)

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