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Math - Five Frames & Ten Frames

Free Fall Counting Mats: Numbers 11 to 20 You could use these with candy, pom poms, or even play dough!

Odd and Evens anchor chart idea. Some of my third graders don't have this down! (Picture only, no link)

FREE! Donuts Missing Addend Math Center! Kindergarten, First Grade, Special Education, Homeschool. Hands-on, active learning!

Life Over C's: Free Interactive Ten-Frame Activities

Using ten frames as part of your calendar routine...perfect for a quick number sense activity each day!

Dot Cards to Nine.pdf Number Talks

Subitising ten frames

Plastic cups and clear address labels make simple and cheap math center activities!

Little Minds at Work: Number Sense Routines Book Study: Chapter 3

Here's a packet with all kinds of counting and place value resources, including these double decker bus ten frames.

Life Over C's: Free Interactive Ten-Frame Activities

Sample page from: NUMBER SENSE AND PROBLEM SOLVING USING TENS FRAMES (40 pages to support student learning, K-1) $

Differentiation Station Creations: Making Ten Frames More Concrete Use egg cartons as ten frames. Brings the ten frames to life!

FREE Valentine's Day Chocolates - Ten Frame Match (1-10)

Students throw a ball or snowflake onto a number. Then, they make that number on a ten frame. Finally, they have to decide how many more to make tens. Also, they could make addition or subtraction sentences to match.

Math Coach's Corner: Happy Holidays with FREE Winter Ten-Frames. Ten-frames are great for building the critical benchmarks of 5, 10, and 20. Grab this free winter-themed set with number word cards.