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Math - Fractions

Decompose Fractions Anchor Chart. A good way to look at fractions.. And with a connection to science and decomposers!

Math Coach's Corner: Developing Fraction Number Sense Through Part/Whole Thinking. Students need concrete and pictorial experiences with a sequence of foundational concepts to truly understand fractions.

Math Coach's Corner: Problem solving and hands-on activities help students develops deep conceptual understanding of fractions.

One of the best ways to teach students about benchmarks with fractions is using a number line. Once students master the placements of these fractions, they can start working on adding fractions, subtracting and eventually can use multiplication and division with these. This hits areas with learners that are helpful.

Fractions and Food: Hands on Math Ideas (Blog Post) Teach about representations of fractions, and fraction number lines with graham crackers!

Fractions Operations Review with Pattern Block Pictures. Free activity and oh, so much fun!

Comparing fractions anchor chart. Plus more anchor chart ideas on this blog post!