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D-I-M (Do It Myself!)

Take a simple dresser and add bright colors to just the drawers and add some sass! Super cute!!

DIY Tutorial: DIY Candles / DIY MASON JAR CANDLE - Bead

DIY Tutorial: DIY Candles / DIY MASON JAR CANDLE - Bead&Cord

DIY:: How to Create a Barn Wood effect ! Start with new wood. Then with the paintbrush, paint a layer of water and then a layer of stain and rub it off quickly with a rag to get that gray color. The water keeps the stain from getting too far in the wood so it’ll be gray not black !.

ThanksHome Depot stocks 6 long pre-cut boards for about $5.50 a piece. It took six boards that she stained then screwed them to the wall using a course drywall screw. awesome pin

How to make burlap door signs. She shows for school, but can apply to other shapes! Good idea to make one of these and hang it up in the band room with pencils, next to the sharpener!