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Vintage China

Pretty #china from my china shop!

Vintage Meito China Vivian Pink Green Floral Cream by thechinagirl

Vintage Meito China Vivian Pink Gold Floral Dinner by thechinagirl

Shabby Antique Jaeger German Pink Green Rose Serving by jenscloset, $17.50

Vintage Dogwood Green White Gold Teacups & Saucers by thechinagirl, $22.50

Vintage Union T CzechoSlovakia Pink Green Rose by thechinagirl, $23.50

Vintage Noritake Colony White Platinum Salad by thechinagirl, $29.50

Vintage Summit Moss Rose Oval Serving Bowl by thechinagirl on Etsy, $23.50

Vintage Taylor Smith Taylor Green Pink Floral by thechinagirl, $22.50

Mod Vintage Universal Alaskan Poppy Alf Robson by thechinagirl, $37.50

Shabby Vintage Homer Laughlin Gold Cream Floral by thechinagirl, $14.50

Vintage Noritake Barbara Pastel Oval Serving by thechinagirl, $24.50

Vintage Universal Camwood Ivory Burnt Orange by thechinagirl, $16.50

Vintage Haviland Limoges Valmont Silver Teacup and by thechinagirl, $58.50

Vintage Meakin Nordic Blue Berry Bowls Set of Four by thechinagirl, $27.50