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Kids dressed as SHADOWS for Halloween - their mother bought black morph suits for them then layered black clothes over those. I'd love to do this especially if one of my friends was dressed as Peter Pan

Make Gory Hand Salad Tongs for Halloween easy....dollar store materials

Gretel brain dip - cauliflower hollowed out & avacado dip in the middle...maybe white queso instead of guac.

Use dried cherries or cranberries as a quick side dish for your halloween party. The sign will do the rest.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe soo doing this fo rthe holidays, look out egg nog!

pumpkin cookies with cream cheese filling for fall!

pumpkin cookies with cream cheese filling for fall!

Harry Potter Butterbeer--I have heard this is amazing. This would be fun for a Halloween party.

Look closely: students folded white paper in half, wrote their names in cursive, and cut out around their names - this formed the body. They added the head, arms,and legs then mounted their "name skeletons" on black construction paper!

Buy plate from Dollar Store, write on it with a Sharpie marker, bake at 150 for 30 minutes and it is permanent! Just add cookies and it is a great gift.

Fun Halloween Snacks.

Mummy Oreo Cookie Pops (Oreo cookies dipped in white chocolate w/ m eyes, dry, then drizzle w/ more white chocolate for bandages.

DRIPPING BLOOD GLASSES: Pour ¼ cup of Clear Corn Syrup into a shallow bowl.Add a few drops of red food coloring and mix until the syrup has a bright red color.Using a clear glass tumbler dip the rim in the syrup mixture and set the glass on wax paper and allow to dry overnight. The syrup will drip down the glass creating the desired “dripping blood” effect. Fill with your favorite cocktails and make mocktails for the kids.

Something wicKED this way comes....: lots of gruesome grub recipes for halloween

Little Red Riding Hood costume & cute others!!!