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Young Draco doing some research?! Tom Felton reading "The Art of getting Even"

Potter lessons.

9GAG - Why So Serious?

I don't know any weak hufflepuffs. Most slytherins know love, narcissa lied to voldemorts face because of her love for her son, regulus drank that potion and sent kreacher back, prof slughorn has a love for his students, even if it is slightly selfish. And gryffindors value bravery. But I do know we ravenclaw a can be a little stuffed up sometimes.


:( so close to crying..... me too

Twitter / icurlycupcake: *crying*

harry-potter-party thank yous from babble

10 Best Harry Potter Party Ideas

Actually, most of the time it DOES seem like it, doesn't it?

Describe your Harry Potter Experience in one word...

Describe your Harry Potter Experience in one word…

Harry Potter books according to Draco hahaha

Twitter / MaryPotterhead: Draco's.