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Vera Renczi was supposedly a Romanian serial killer who poisoned 35 individuals including her husbands, lovers and one son with arsenic during the 1920s

Vera Renczi, η Πεντάμορφη που ήταν Τέρας - II

These sisters were active during the ’50s and ’60s in Guanajuato, Mexico. In the mid-’60s, police picked up a young woman on the suspicion of kidnapping. During questioning, she fingered Delfina and Maria, telling the police what they thought were just tall-tales. When the police searched the sisters’ property, they found 11 men, 80 women, and several fetuses. After questioning the sisters and their staff, they found out a horrible tale. Maria and Delfina would recruit prostitutes, through...

Famous Chicago gangster Big Jim Colosimo and His Girlfriend Dale Winter Colosimo Were Killed in 1920 His Death made room for Al Capone to Take Over In Chicago

From left. Eddie Pucci, Ronnie Kray (1933 - 1995), George Raft (1895 - 1980), Reggie Kray (1933 - 2000), Rocky Marciano (1923 - 1969), Charlie Kray(1926 - 2000) (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

Roy “Pretty Boy” Shaw, who has died aged 76, was an associate of the Kray twins and one of the East End’s most notorious villains; he served time for armed robbery before becoming a champion of the unlicensed boxing circuit, a successful businessman and co-author (with Ronnie Kray’s widow Kate) of a bestselling autobiography.