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I am SO tempted to print a bunch of these and go out and buy colored pencils. I can't draw but I can totally color!

hey remember the time I wasn't going to learn to sew? a friend offered to give me a sewing machine. HALP.

still do not need to learn to sew. do NOT. don't look at me like that.

styles like this make me want to grow my hair out again. (not that I would be able to put it up this way even with it long!)

how gorgeous would this be re-done as a sweater? with simple sleeves and shoulders and a huge lace motif over the back and spilling onto the front.

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  • Marille

    Ooh, don't tempt me.

  • Jesh

    I'm trying not to be tempted myself! too many other things to work on already.

  • Maggie Murad

    this is a pattern that needs to be made. ..nnnnnow.

Paris, France gothic church

love the different hexagonal motifs up the back!