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Victorian Wild West Saloon Girl Dress Patterns 14-20 | eBay

Taurus Facts, People often think Taurus are flirting, but we're just being friendly. Please, get over yourself ;)

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Still nothing hotter than a guy wearing a flannel shirt, shorts and combat boots.... especially when it's Eddie Vedder :D

Emerald green cocktail dress.

Fall Entry Table ~ Creations by Kara I like the pumpkins on candle holders..

**Inspiration** Pop culture necklaces on Etsy (no longer being sold, but seem easy to DIY)

Goonies Dictionary Pendant Necklace - Those Who Never Say Die | daydreamemporium - Jewelry on ArtFire

Nursing humor

Dont bat an eyelash when they say, "how could you do that???" Chances are, if they were in your shoes they would do nothing at all. In reference to going no-contact. -MB

I wear heels bigger than your dick. I'm pretty sure I have said this before... HA

Opie knows how to lighten the mood of a hostage situation. | 23 Reasons Opie Is The True Dreamboat Of Sons Of Anarchy

Ive always liked the monroe and vertical labret im just to chicken sh^t ill stick to ink! 15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know

  • Michala🎵 Finch🎵

    Trish, yiu could call them Labret bites lol

  • Kaleigh King

    I had labret and did it myself but i had to take it out...i want snake bites but my bf thinks i should get labret and i would b ok with that too lol

  • Jade Pannell

    I had a vertical labret with a medusa. It was my favorite combination of facial piercings that i have had. I have had snake bites, a septum piercing, my eyebrow, my nose and a labret as well.

  • Jade Pannell

    What's crazy is I've had no rings in my snake bites for years and they are still open. My vertical labret is still open too. Along with my Medusa but it hurts to get that one back in. now i just have a nose ring and a tongue ring in. Most painful piercings was my Medusa, my vertical and my nose..

  • Hannah Putman

    I want the angle bites

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