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Mind your own business, Dalek by JohannesVIII on deviantART

06x13: The Wedding of River Song. I cry every time. Every. Time.

Weeping Angel Barbies How to turn Barbies into Doctor Who Weeping Angels

How to turn a Barbies into a Doctor Who Weeping Angels


All That Is Humor » Share a strange resemblance to these four

I love how Matt Smith gets struck by lightning

Twitter / DoctorWhoFanz_: Which one?


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The rift - impressed somebody thought of this to get as a tattoo.

Community Post: 50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos

A flippin Tardis Tattoo Parlor!!!!!! ~Doctor Who

You can get a personalized mug. With your name. In Gallifreyan. And it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Oh, and it's under $20. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

Happy Anniversary for the Doctor and River Song #totallymarriedher