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El Hobbit | Visual 744

Visual 744: El Hobbit

El Hobbit | Visual 744

Visual 744: El Hobbit

Saturn's Rings and Moons

All of Saturn's known moons to scale by mean volumetric diameter (some objects too small to be visible at this scale; same scale as the other white-background comparisons)


Saturn - A Heavenly Body

La historia del South China Morning Post. Por Adolfo Arranz

Size and Order of the Planets: This diagram shows off the relative sizes of the major bodies in the solar system and the order of the planets. It was originally intended truly show off the scale of the solar system however that would have meant were the distance from the Sun to Pluto 2,000 pixels the Sun would 5 pixels in diameter all the planets would have been invisible.

Actual Scale Size Image of how big the Planets in our Solar System are .... Earth is tiny ! The Sun is huge !

Apple Total Release Patterns infographic

Os 200 mil bebês que não nasceram – por Alex Kidd

Sea of Trash: Plastic In The Pacific / Nick Simmons

My rough-and-tumble analysis of John Glenn's "Friendship 7" flight, 50 years ago.

Infographics for News / Data visualization by Adolfo Arranz, via Behance

15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization

15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization | Inspiration

Blame twitter Data visualization / Infographic

Infographic: Hoeveel wordt er nou daadwerkelijk gedronken tijdens Mad Men?

Preço da Saúde , infográfico de Rafael Quick

Thalita Medeiros

Daniel Roda

Portfólio da Semana - Daniel Roda | Visual Loop

Tartaruga Cabeçuda