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100th Monkey

This book is a useful tool for teaching ourselves to be more observant. Being observant and noticing your surroundings is a good skill to have in a lot of every day situations

no-nonsense guide to canning, freezing, curing, and smoking meat, fish, and game

the most complete source of information available about growing, processing, cooking, and preserving homegrown foods from the garden, orchard, field, or barnyard. step-by-step advice on basic self-sufficiency skills such as how to cultivate a garden, buy land, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, milk a goat, grow herbs, churn butter, build a chicken coop, cook on a wood stove, and much, much more.

emphasis on the importance of knowledge. not just about what items you need, but what skills and knowledge you should develop. mostly about food preparation for a major disaster, with emphasis on having a year's food storage, milling your own grain, growing sprouts, home canning, dehydrating, freeze-drying, etc. There are detailed tables showing the calories of various foods including their protein, fat, and carbs. The final third of the book offers advice on other topics, including weapons, hand tools, clothing, energy, medical, sanitation, transportation, communications, and home preparation.

The best ways to respond to just about any medical problem when help is miles or days away

Know how to start a fire without a match - Practice Practice Practice & find a way that works for you

HowStuffWorks "How to Start a Fire Without a Match"

Know how to start a fire without a match - Practice Practice Practice & find a way that works for you

Tea Tree Seeds - Melaleuca Alternifolia Grows best along streams and on swampy flats. When cut down, the Tea Tree will quickly regrow from the stump. Tea Tree Oil is steam distilled from this extremely hardy tree native to Australia. It has been used as a healing herb for many generations. Make a poultice of the leaves to treat skin infections, cuts and wounds. A natural medicine for its anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal & antiseptic qualities. useful in treating: mouth sores and gums acne herpes infections general immune system stimulation respiratory infections thrush Vaginitis fungal infections bacterial infections Athlete's foot Dandruff Boils Lice Eczema Psoriasis coughs & colds How: Inhale oils from heated crushed leaves, sprinkle crushed & heated leaves on wounds & cover with cloth, soak leaves & steep to make oily infusion

Using compost improves soil structure, texture, and aeration and increases the soil’s water-holding capacity.