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Turn your bridesmaid dress into a baby quilt and gift it back to the bride at her baby shower. Why didn't I think of that?!!

Coffee, Caramel & Cream: I Cut Up My Bridesmaid Dress

Makes me smile. I love this show. It really shows how great people can be.

Faith In Humanity Restored - 33 Pics

So much of what people call redneck, or ghetto engineering I think is freakin' brilliant. one of the best I've ever seen. Especially if you were camping in Arizona or some other godforsaken fire pit. Worth bringing a generator!

Gross, but informative - which insect makes which bite mark and how to treat bites

A baby kangaroo in pajamas….don't even act like your day didn't just get better

A baby kangaroo in pajamas…

This is the truth. We will fight for you no matter what.

Frozen connections to Tangled and the Little Mermaid. Nearly started crying from this. Thanks a lot Tumblr for killing me.

Best thing about Colbert is that when he nails it, he really nails it…

Preach it, sister! Hence why I really don't belong in the international affairs arena.

Gift for dad, wood sign. Christmas gift, Fathers day or birthday. Great gift idea. Perfect for any occasion. on Etsy, $14.00

This is why I can't be in the military, I don't take kindly to being told what to do.

Picture Frames with Secret Compartments Picture Frame Secret Compartment with Gun – StashVault

ohhhh jason segel (i'm convinced he's the same as marshall erikson in real life)

Faith In Humanity Restored – 30 Pics

So you have the First Amendment right to protest military funerals? I invite you to start your protest in my front yard so we can see if your First Amendment right is better than my Second Amendment right.

This is just wow

72 Hour survival kit items that should be in your house, this list comes directly from FEMA. Keep it in a cabinet in the garage. How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit