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Makeup can last all day by using cornstarch as makeup protector. mix it with a bit of foundation and your face stays dry and non greasy all day.

Add a cup of baking soda to the toilet, leave it for an hour, and then flush. It will clean the toilet and absorb the odor. So much better than chemicals! This site also has 75 other uses for baking soda!

MIND BLOWN: out of AA? use AAA with foil! Say whaaaaat?! The things you learn on pinterest...

For us vinegar users, most of these we already know but there were a bunch I had never heard of... 45 uses for vinegar

Your bathtub will never be whiter!! Works great on glass shower doors too- no more soap residue! Martha Stewart's Tub Scrub--works better than any other cleaning product to get off hard water and soap residue

How to Be the Most Organized Person in the World (Infographic) | Greatist

Magic Eraser uses... did you know you can cut a piece off and float it in your toilet overnight and voila! no more toilet ring! -clean window screens (even when they are still in the window) The website has a list of about 100 uses!

31 really good make-up secrets. Pin now, read later (read them all, and they're good!)

40 cool little hidden things that are on your iPhone. You may know some, but you don't know all of them. ...

Lots of great ideas

Don't spend time scooping. If you're serving ice cream for a crowd, try slicing instead.

which insect makes which bite mark and how to treat bites. Good to know momma's!!

FlyLady for cleaning

Real Simple presents the quickest, smartest strategies for battling eight universally despised tasks.

Enough with the water spots, greasy residue, and—ugh—stuck-on food. These three dish soaps will make them all come out in the wash.

Want to get organized without sacrificing style? Get all the ideas you'll need (plus product picks!) for every room in the house.

Very useful!

Catalog your house for insurance purposes

Body after baby I'll be glad I pinned this one day

This website is full of great organizational tips and tricks. 52 weeks =52 projects WARNING: Start looking through this website and you will get sucked in for an hour or more...

9 Step Dark Smokey Eye Tutorial by Dana at Wonder Forest