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More Something Sunny hand painted picture frames.

DIY :: Headband Holder @ Better By The Bite need this to contain my girls' monstrous collection!

DIY Headband Holder

Mistletoe--such a cute craft idea for the kids or for couples! Name and date each one to make it really memorable! Or really cute for Baby's First Christmas or first Christmas as a married couple!

Dribble bib free pattern from bundlesandbuttons...

Bundles and Buttons: Dribble bibs DIY

Liberty Baby Bibs 2-Sided - FREE Sewing Pattern DOWNLOAD & TUTORIAL one side pretty cotton lawn reverses to drool soaking terry

DIY Baby Bandanna Bib - wish I had thought of this for my son when he was a baby/toddler - biggest drooler ever!

Baby Bandanna Bib | How Does She

DIY Bib Scarf | ToddAh

DIY Bib Scarf | ToddAh

A lady at the post office taught me this trick and I have realized very few people know about it! You can turn a flat rate envelope into a pouch to increase the capacity. It holds more than a small flat rate box ($5.80) and about as much as a medium ($12.35) for only $5.60. So worth it! I do this all the time! Just fold the bottom both ways, and flatten it out from the inside, folding the corners and taping them up into a rectangular bottom. Secure with lots of tape. Happy shipping!

Simple DIY bokeh shaper

66 Inspiring ideas for Christmas lights in the bedroom


Sequins or glitter inside of a lampshade, alright this is beyond cool.

Ornaments made out of dough with a key imprint and address from the places you've lived. Sweet! DIY

DIY Globe Christmas Lights: Cut a small "x" into the Ping Pong balls, and pop them over the bulbs. Um, this is kind of genius!!

DIY:: Repurpose old candle jars to cute toiletry containers!