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Awesome end of the year activity where your students vote for their classmates to receive end of the year awards! 28 total awards in color and without backgrounds for easier printing. $

End of the Year - Classroom Awards (Students Vote!)

inflected endings! So cute, the kiddos will love this!

8 videos on Inflectional Word endings (Part 2) (-ing, -ed, -ies)

This is a great activity for your SMART board that will teach and reinforce the skill of inflectional endings. Covering the 3 sounds of -ed, -ing,...

This literacy center is called "Eggtraordinary Endings" and focuses on making words with inflectional endings. To make this center, you will need 10 plastic eggs. Write a root word on the largest side and an inflectional ending on the other smaller side.Break them apart, put them in a basket

Crazy for First Grade: April 2011

Fern Smith's Inflected Endings Center Game {-s, -es, -ed

This word sort includes cards with the root word, root word + ed ending, and root word + ing ending. Recording sheet included!...

Inflectional Endings Word Sort: ed, ing

Lucky in Learning: Inflectional Endings- {s versus es}

Lucky in Learning: Inflectional Endings- {s versus es}

You choose a story. Make sure there are words with inflectional endings, 3 each for -s, -ed, -ing. Students will go on a word hunt, write the wor...

Inflectional endings Word Hunt

For this word sort activity, students will use the word box located at the bottom of the page which is a list of verbs without inflectional endings. Then using the inflectional endings of -ing, -ed, and -s, students will assign each verb to a sentence with the correct inflectional ending attached. Do as a class on sentence strips?

inflected endings flipbook

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Suffix Flip Books

Definitely need charts with inflectional endings rules

The Honey Bunch: Spelling Freebie

Word Ending Freebie - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Inflectional Endings and Freebie!


ing endings

Mrs. Bremer's Class: SPRING! and all things -ing

Super Spinner Endings

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