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29 Creative Lampshade DIY Projects!

Pet Scribbles: 29 Creative Lampshade DIYs

Baby shower gift for dad (or for mom to be AFTER the baby is born, haha)

Gift idea for late birthday. Buy little blue snacks and things, out in basket and attach message: Don't be blue, I didn't forget you! Sorry this is late, hope your birthday is great!

Dye the cheap white onsies and you've got a million options! Here's her to-do's and don'ts. Doesn't have to be just for onsies!

DIY Multi-Color Candle

I LOVE this... Have the hospital stamp baby's footprints on your favorite scripture or the scripture you prayed most over your baby and pregnancy.. This is precious! That's my life verse too :)

Maternity timeline using a chalkboard. Incorporating baby info, cute quotes, cravings, baby fruit size comparison, holidays & more! Weekly progress till the arrival, then show off my baby :)

I love this shirt! To the previous pinner: If you don't take a cheap t-shirt and make something else with it, you'll just be going to the store and buying the exact same thing for $30-$100 that you could have made for $5 or less. THAT is the point of cutting up "a perfectly good t-shirt"

how to make foot/hand prints in sand and keep it: great instructions w pictures. sweet mother/father's day gift or for grandparents.

Cute! Use real puzzle pieces covered in mod podge and pretty paper or spray painted chrome. Love this idea for girl birthday. no one getting left out with friendship necklaces!!

From XL Tee to cute dress!! Really easy tutorial

Norwegian flag giftwrap!! I'm SO doing this!!!

20 of the BEST Christmas cookies

Girlfriend Christmas Party....I MUST do this with my girlfriends - so much fun! A "Favorite Things" Party -- Love this idea! "Each guest brings their favorite item (5 of the same thing) costing around $6 and a favorite treat or dish to share with everyone!". . Fun stuff!