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I am totally putting this in the gym near my "cool off" area. Love it!

Anger Management Choice Board - kids can self-monitor emotions and pick a calming technique from the choices supplied while taking a break to calm down. Create multiple choices using 2"x2" square picture cards attached via velcro :)

LDS Living • The 5 Best Websites for Free LDS Sheet Music

The 5 Best Websites for Free LDS Sheet Music

What I want my kids to know about Money. Great article about how to have your kids work off a "budget" of their own to understand the difference between needs and wants.

What I Want My Kids to Know About Money — We are THAT Family

Noisy Alphabet by Tom Gauld, cabanonpress #Illustration #Alphabet #Phonics

Cabanon Press: Gallery

Science for Kids: how to make Paper Building Blocks - and yes, testing your structures by putting cookies on top is mandatory ;) From Babble Dabble Do -Skye

Science for Kids: Paper Building Blocks - Babble Dabble Do

I would've loved to come home to this on the last day of school! Celebrate!...Have a bucket of waterballoons and squirt guns ready to go. Then make home made pizzas for dinner. After, pop some popcorn and watch a family movie together!

End of School/ Welcome Summer Ideas | Pams Party & Practical Tips

lego opslaan onnder het bed. Simpel, maar erg handig.

Train table under the bed! Great idea! Takes up less space in the room when they are not using it!

Millions of Miles: 33 Service Projects To Do With Your Kids

Millions of Miles: 33 Service Projects To Do With Your Kids

This idea rocks! Multi-bubbles. Blow ton s of mini's all at once - Simple, cheap and fun.

Tiny Bubbles (Beach Crafts) | Crafts | Spoonful

Great Cup-struction by allboyhomeschool: What can you do with 400 cups? #Kids #Toys #Construction #Cups

Toddler Activity, Color Sorting, Color Matching, Fine Motor Skills, Preschool activity, Learning, Home Depot, Color Swatches

Sibling Appreciation Night - Awesome FHE idea to give each kid a little special attention

Don't ask him to live in your world....visit his world instead.

3 secrets to porn-immune kids; a good perspective on how to teach kids about the pull of porn and how to avoid it.

article on the problem of entitlement and combatting it early on.

A quick and easy sheep-themed fine motor and sensory activity, perfect for farm themes or Easter!

Stuffed Shirts (for when they grow out of their jerseys)....LOVE THIS IDEA