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#ArtsEdChat took off and has since become a fantastic way to share, collaborate and brainstorm with professionals in the art field.

Video: My Favorite Simple Visuals for the Art Room

Did you know you can also take an up close and personal tour of The White House, including the art collection?

The pros and cons of "Follow the Teacher" art lessons.

Rocks vs. Sucks: Follow-the-Teacher Lessons | The Art of Ed

While I like to choose to handle curveballs with humor, I sometimes wish that I had had a cheat sheet when starting out.

Draw The Line At: pinterest and lesson planning

Draw The Line At: pinterest and lesson planning
  • Erin Dowell

    How funny! This is EXACTLY what I've been doing for two years, without having seen someone else to it first. I cut them out first so I can move them around and manipulate what I want to do, then using a Word document table I cut and paste the pictures into the table. Then I can add text and links to videos, etc. It's completely changed how I plan out my year!

The Best Book to Introduce Art History to Older Students “Which artist had such bad BO his assistants didn’t want to work with him? Who stabbed a man in the groin over a tennis bet? Which artist sometimes snacked on his own paint? Learn these secretes and more!”

If I am not assessing the same thing for each project, then what AM I assessing? Below you can see 6 things you CAN assess in a TAB classroom, according to what’s been successful for me.

Today, we’re releasing the official conference schedule so you can review all of the great presentations and begin to plan your day!

Summer Conference Schedule Released | The Art of Ed

Below are some tried and true tips to help you take your students’ work from miniature to mural-size.

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Google Cultural Institute has many amazing features. Curate your very own online museum from thousands of high resolution images.

11 Amazing "DUDES" in Art Education. Be sure to follow their blogs/websites!

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Fun activity if students finish early with assignments

Students Answers to Questions

The goal for this lesson was to study a painting and recreate it in a three-dimensional model, applying the artists' painting technique and color palette.

Quest Artists: MS: A Painter's World

Athenian Vase shapes from History of Art

5 Common Mistakes that Will Lead to an Out-of-Control Classroom - Great guest blog post by Linda Kardamis on Corkboard Connections

3D daffodil Drawing

Rockabye Butterfly: Spring Daffodil Craft!

Excellent site. thorough art criticism lesson. dress up and all. The smARTteacher Resource: Student Lead Art Critique

Resource: Student Lead Art Critique

kindergarten: mixed media pieces modeled after paintings by Robert and Sonya Delaunay. Kindergarten art lesson

Artwork published by Eva1472

What do YOU have your students do to help prep the art room before summer?

To Clean, or Not to Clean? That is the question. | The Art of Ed

Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!

Rainbow Cities: Free Lesson Plan Download | The Art of Ed

Starting an art ed co-op may be the best professional development decision you ever make.