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Getting Fit!

Motivational Fitness Pictures & Quotes - 42 Pics

True fitness is a #lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. To succeed, you have to commit. #YouCanDoIt

Boxing workout routines

Learn to box to keep fit

Keep Calm And Kickbox! 9Round in Northville, MI is a 30 minute full body workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! The workouts change daily so there is no chance of boredom, and we can keep the workout fun and stimulating! Visit or call (734) 420-4909 if you want to learn more!


This workout is for the more advanced crowd– or those who are ready to increase their heart rates and encourage muscle burn! #torchfat #fatloss #workout #fitness

20 Minutes Fat Burning Techniques

Killer core workout without a single crunch! On #abs #workout

Karate Frog~♛... Sometimes I like to bust out my karate/kickboxing moves on old ladies. Is that mean?

Best kickboxing exercise to work your abs: bob and weave.

The Best Abs Exercises from Every Type of Workout

kickboxing shirt

How to beat belly fat.

7 Probiotics to Add to your Diet. See our probiotics at www.naturalhealth...

I am not pregnant but I saw this diet and thought it would be a good diet to keep on hand in case I ever need it - Diary of a Fit Mommy: 6 Week Postpartum Diet Plan

Diary of a Fit Mommy: 6 Week Postpartum Diet Plan

1,200 calorie low carb meal plan. If have to have a little more calories though

1,200-Calorie, Low-Carb Diet Meal Plan

Meal plan

Twitter / BeFitMotivation: Meal plan -

The ultimate resource on potassium rich foods and the health benefits of this amazing mineral. This is a MUST read for anyone interested in their health.

15 Foods Highest in Potassium

21 Ways to Eat Your Water - Water comes not just in a glass, but on the plate, too. For those who can’t find time to drink enough water, eating high water content foods is a great option. And, turns out these high water content foods just happen to be super low in fat and calories. #water #recipes #healthy

HEALTHY FOOD - "How many of you start your day with lemon water? Its one of the most beneficial things to do in the morning... it will change your life. Cleanse, detox, and get to your results faster. (INFOGRAPHIC)".

Juicing Vegetables

This actually seems doable...not that I think in a month I could do five minutes but i can already do almost a minute without feeling like i want to die

Double Pyramid Crossfit Workout: Full Body, No Equipment Workout 4/30/13 Did this in 14:30. Modified box jump pull ups after 5 regular by using a chair in front to push off with 1 leg. Front lunges for first 50 and back lunges for last 50. Push up variations...military, side to side, regular

Double Pyramid Crossfit Workout - FitBodyHQ