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Put 'em up...put 'em up! This little kitty is trying to pick a fight.... *giggle*

When people say, 'I have so many books to read! Look at my To Be Read pile!' and it's like 8 books, I want to say, 'That's adorable. I have a TBR bookcase.'

Other ways to enjoy books…. I have a tendency to read books while hanging upside down. I'm weird.

Other ways to enjoy books…

Yoga Humor....who knew there was any? This is funny though.

24 Cats Who Realize They’ve Made A Huge Mistake :: Why is this so funny?!

24 Cats Who Realize They've Made A Huge Mistake

That Baby Is Breathtaking… // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

That Baby Is Breathtaking…

Seriously I've been telling my parents that there should be a "children's" day for my whole life and there is one!

Son and daughter day is forgotten / iFunny :)

Oh so you actually ENJOY eating healthy? Shut your stupid face and hand me another donut you liar.

Game of Thrones funny memes- Ok, I never actually believed in happily ever after - but cute meme

Game of Thrones - Page 46 - The Other Stuff On TV

a teacher knows it is summer when he/she can use the restroom anytime he/she wishes and not just at recess

Summer Hodge Podge... - Teaching Heart Blog

It's the last day of school - No running in the hall, No throwing books , No lighting trash cans on fire. At least until after the students leave.

hahaha. The Peanuts Gang: Harlem Shaking before it was cool

Harlem Shaking Peanuts Style

#teacherproblems I laughed way too hard when I read this!!

The Classroom Key: Funny


people skills - Dump A Day

so. true.

Professor Problems…