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Military Themed Bedrooms

The split wall colors look very sharp, and the style will last as the child grows :)

  • Zoy Parkinson Smith

    I like. Will be decorating my sons room with a military theme. This matches perfect. What paint colors was used?

I like this color palette for the two bedrooms and bathroom on the south side of the house, maybe a bit warmner though Light Camo Color Palette

Green Camo Camouflage Light Switch Cover Children Decor Tan Camoflauge Boys Bedroom Decoration 645

This is a chest that I re-did for my sons bedroom. This is the After Picture. I used realtree camo wrapping paper and modpodge. Painted the whole chest with moss green paint, when everything was done I went over the wrapping paper and mod podge with a clear coat varnish. It looks great!