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Check out old dolls from the '90s... also '90s toys, '90s toys for girls, '90s dolls, Barbies and more.

Scratch and Sniff - the pizza ones were the most popular

Colored Pencils - I could never get mine to sharpen properly

Remember these!? Oh yes - Pop-Beads!

Muppet Babies AHHHH!!! Baby BEAKER!!!

Rainbow haired troll

I have had a chart like this in the pantry for YEARS! The girls start making their lunches in kindergarten, and know to pull 1-2 things from each category. They are more likely to eat what they pack, and I don't have to remember who likes the strawberry and who only eats the chocolate, etc... Healthier, easier, faster.

Omg, yes I remember wearing these as a small child.

We are flintstone kids...ten million strong..and grooowwing.

Rescue 911....I absolutely loved this show!

I had the Jordan doll!

Cinnaburst Gum. The great mystery of the edible wrapper.

omg had these notebooks... with colored pink, purple and blue paper.

Barbie house Colorforms- LOVED THESE!

Unsolved Mysteries...I loved his voice