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LIS 483 - Collecting YA Lit for Creative Teens

LIS 483 - Collecting YA Assignment, Spring 2012. This board is a collection of books for teens on the creative topics - art, writing, music, and theater, and more. Providing a variety of up-to-date nonfiction and fiction materials will encourage teens to pursue creative activities throughout their teen years. These books, apps, and other media were selected for teen appeal as well as support Developmental Assets. Links will take you to Goodreads or other sources for more info!

Decoded by Jay-Z. Written by the successful and popular rapper himself, this book puts lyrics, images, and commentary together in a way that sheds light on the ever-evolving genre of rap music. Fans of rap music or aspiring young rap artists might find it interesting to see what's going on in the mind of one of the most successful rappers today, and enjoy Jay-Z's incorporation of his art into the telling of his life story. #yanonfiction #yamemoir #music #rap

SnApp Shots: How to Take Great Pictures with Smartphones and Apps by Adam Bronkhorst. This hand-sized, full-color book gives helpful hints for budding phone-photographers to turn their snapshots into artistic projects. Teens who love their iPhones and sharing pictures with friends might this book, and taking the time to turn a habit into an artistic hobby can be rewarding. #yanonfiction #photography #art

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. Visual/textual artist Kleon shares brief lessons on how creativity can be easy. This uniquely sized, well-designed book will not feel like a typical nonfiction read to teens, and the lessons here support all kinds of creative endeavors. #yanonfiction #art #writing #creativity

Wall and Piece by Banksy. A collection of images created by notorious and mysterious street artist, Banksy. Teens in urban areas might like to read up on this leader in the stenciled street art trend, while non-urban teens might enjoy envisioning this artist's exotic city life. Thinking about the difference between vandalism, graffiti and art will help teens think about responsibility and restraint within their own communities. #yanonfiction #art #streetart

Wall and Piece by Banksy — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

Music Box by Gino Cataldo. This attractive book features artistic, journalistic photography of over 300 musical artists throughout time, as well as short written profiles. Music buff teens will enjoy spotting their favorite artists in this eclectic mix. This book supports teens who enjoy finding new music - old artists and new - as a constructive use of time. #yanonfiction #music #bands #photography

Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson. This book follows Lady Gaga for one year, showcasing hundreds of behind-the-scenes photographs of this popular musical artist. Lady Gaga may be a positive role model for teens who want to make music as well as make a sociopolitical statement as an artist, and this book is large, well-made, and great for a paw-through read. #yanonfiction #yabiography #music #photography

So You Want to Be a Writer? by Vicki Hambleton & Cathleen Greenwood. A comprehensive guide for writing and publishing, aimed for teens, including advice from popular adult and YA authors and teens who get paid to write. Reading advice from current, teen-relevant writers and learning the ins and outs of publishing will help aspiring teen writers feel more positively about their creative future. #yanonfiction #writing

So, You Want to Be a Writer?

SPIN magazine. A magazine for behind-the-scenes information on current and past music groups and artists. Teens who collect mp3s with a passion and enjoy discovering new alt/indie/rock artists will appreciate flipping through SPIN at the library and the app provides articles, reviews, and sample music tracks and albums.

3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration. This magazine showcases three talented illustrators in each issue, focusing not only on their art but their creative influences, processes, and business approaches. The high quality printing of this magazine will make it an appealing "paw through" title, and will support drawing (even doodling!) as a creative endeavor. #yanonfiction #drawing #art #yamagazines

Entertainment Weekly - A weekly magazine featuring music, theater, literature, and general pop culture news. Teens will like the up-to-date information, mix of short and long articles, and perhaps the interactive app version. Staying up to date with music and art pop culture can help teens build interpersonal communication skills and new friendships based on shared interests. #yamagazines #yanonfiction #muisc #writing #theater

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. A one-night-only love story between two teens who spend the night darting around the NYC indie music club scene. Teens may appreciate the fast pace of the story and enjoy the fantasy of having free reign to own the night in NYC; Nick and Norah's friendships show examples of positive and not-so-positive peer influences, and the diverse cast of characters encourages cultural competence. #yafiction #yadvds #music #bands

Scott Pilgrim series by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Scott Pilgrim has a rockband and a cute girlfriend, but a girl named Ramona Flowers enters the scene and Scott must then battle her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Fans of graphic novels or manga - or even just fans of the 2010 movie adaptation - might enjoy reading this fantastic, rock-driven adventure, and Scott Pilgrim's strong friendships provide a model for finding positive peer groups post-high school. #yafiction #music #graphicnovels #bands #teendvd

The Voice - This popular singing reality show takes the lead from American Idol, allowing everyday singers to compete for fame and record deals. Teens 15 and older can submit audition videos - including audition info on a teen website shows can motivate teens to show off and develop their vocal talents, whether they are musically trained or not! #teenwebsites #music #singing

Glee - A group of misfit & popular teens form a struggling high school glee club. Mix of musical theater and popular music could attract a variety of teens, and the school plot lines might inspire teens to think about how their school can support their creative interests. #teendvds #theater #singing #music The world's largest fanfiction forum and archive. Teens who imagine the lives of their favorite, TV, movie, and book characters can upload original fanfiction. Linking to this site shows support for a teen's constructive use of creative and relaxation time.

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. Teens can register online to challenge themselves to complete a 50K word novel on, or participate with smaller goals in the Young Writers Program. Active forum and social networking features will help keep teens motivated; teachers can register entire classes and use provided curriculum to help engage teens with creativity. #writing #teenwebsites A social networking site for teen writers to share their work, what they are reading, and other literary pursuits. This site has an appealing, teen-friendly design, and aspiring teen writers may enjoy building friendships with like-minded creatives. #writing #yanonfiction #teen websites - An online literary journal for YA creative writing. This website puts teen writing alongside published YA authors, providing positive adult role models for aspiring teen writers. #writing #yanonfiction #teenwebsites

Living Out Loud by Keri Smith. This book encourages readers to look at their lives differently in order to feel more creative. Activities in this book encourage teens to have high expectations of theirselves, their communities, and their creative capacity. #art #creativity #yanonfiction

Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook by Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer. Two writers for young people wrote this writing guide for their young readers. This book will make writing stories seem less daunting for younger teen writers and the casual tone and illustrations will encourage them to complete the entertaining writing prompts - a creative activity. #writing #yanonfiction

I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six-Word Memoirs by Teens ed. by Smith Magazine. A collection of six-word memoirs written by famous and not-so-famous teens. These short memoirs might make writing seem more accessible as a creative past-time, and this book helps support teens' goals of being published or telling their own story. #writing #yanonfiction #memoir

So, You Want to be a Writer? by Vicki Hambleton. This guide provides advice and insider information from favorite authors written specifically for teens. A writer's guide written specifically for a teen audience shows support and respect for a teen's long-term creative goals. #yanonfiction #writing

Just Kids by Patti Smith. Smith's memoir that chronicles her first years living in NYC as an artist in the late 1960s. Fans of punk rock - who are also "readers" - will be interested in this first-person narrative of life at the genre's exciting early beginnings, and aspiring musicians will see the risks and the rewards of pursuing a creative life #music #yanonfictin #memoir

Where She Went by Gayle Forman. In this sequel, Mia has recovered from a horrible car accident and is a rising cellist at Julliard and her now ex-boyfriend is a successful rock musician - of course, their love may be rekindled? Teens who read adult fiction may enjoy these older narrators, especially if they enjoyed the popular first novel. Watching Mia navigate adult life in NYC may make teens more open to family support. #music #yafiction #classical #bands

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour. Colby joins his best friend and her girl-band on tour after high school. LaCour tells the story of teen musicians, but incorporates their love of all things art - tattoos, street artists, foreign films, obscure music, etc. The debate between pursuing fame or attending college will inspire teens to think about what their own education motivates them to achieve. #music #yafiction #bands

The Disenchantments