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Gummies & Birds

my life through post-it doodles

“Under and Over” : the umbrella dance that everyone in new york city knows by heart

the neighborhood cat is telepathic and i'm reasonably certain he can walk through walls

if your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough

i fell in love with your mind. i have a crush on your thoughts.

you dont need to see the top of the stairs to take the first step

i'm wondering about what you're wondering about

one way to forget all your problems for a good 10 minutes is to stub your toe really hard

i was asleep in a dream when you woke me up, little sun

keep your hopes up and your head down

looking forward to that one class because you sat next to the person you liked.

dogs: children who never disappoint you

trying to find the right words to say. i know they're around here somewhere.

i wonder if i'll ever find someone who's my same species.

it's easy to burn bridges. it's hard to build them.

i've had the wind knocked out of me before, but never the hurricane

some days i miss you so much that i want to jump off your office building just to catch a glimpse of you on the way down

should i reward all my hard work with a cookie or with two cookies?

even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, "you owe me". look what happens with a love like that. it lights the whole sky.

they still haven't found antibodies for your smile

when one brick falls out there's always another with the strength to replace it